Marketing FAQs
  • 07 Mar 2024
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Marketing FAQs

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Insure University FAQs

Insure University is Benavest’s agent platform. Benavest is a National Licensed Insurance Agency that offers agents the training and support they need for their corporate benefits and Individual/family insurance plans. BenaVest is the most diversified health, life, and retirement insurance agency in the market, providing a robust marketing platform to its agents

Live Leads Program

What is the Live lead Program?

The Live Leads Program is a free opportunity to start receiving ACA leads during SEP (Special Enrollment Period) and OEP (Open Enrollment Period).

How does the Live Leads Program works?

Agents will get access to sales software that houses all the leads. Also, agents will get a free business phone line to use for the leads to call. There is a large intensive training program to complete to become part of this lead program.

Commission on these leads are paid at $15 PMPM. Ancilliary and Life pays at Agent Level with carriers.

What are the requirements for the Live Leads Program?

  • You must be appointed with our major carriers through Benavest. **Check with us for an updated list of carriers before OEP.
  • You must pass our Lead program course quiz (80%-100%)
  • You must have a steady schedule so we can rely on you.
  • You must have a free account in the RingCentral Chat App so we can add you to the Lead Program chat group.

What are the rules for the Live Leads Program?

  • You will need a ring central app so we can (if necessary) monitor the calls – this is being set up as we speak.
  • You must be logged in to zoom so we know you are online and ready to work on leads for the day.

We have 2 kinds of leads

  1. Leads from inbound calls.
  2. Data leads - leads we assign under your pipeline for call back.

For Inbound Calls:

  • You will need to follow the script (seasoned vets may vear off the script, but keep in mind how our agents close business in 5 min is THROUGH THE SCRIPT).
  • Pre-qualify the caller in under 100 seconds.
  • If the Lead is from another state please end the call.
  • If the lead is a duplicate please end the call.

For Data Leads

  • You will need to call/text the leads within an hour (preferably 20 min)
  • You will need to follow the script (seasoned vets may vear off the script, but keep in mind how our agents close business in 5 min is THROUGH THE SCRIPT)
  • You must call 3 TIMES – LEAVE 3 VOICEMAILS – TEXT 2 TIMES AND EMAIL 1 TIME. You must also update the pipeline and move the lead to it's necessary section. (Ex. Move to First contact for 1st attempt on calling back, Move to Onboarding if Lead is ready to be enrolled, Move to Not Interested if Lead is not interested)
  • If we DO NOT see these attempts made by you we will NO longer send you leads
  • You must disposition leads every day, throughout the day (notate the progress)
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: BE POLITE EVEN IF THE PERSON IS BEING RUDE – NO MATTER WHAT! If you are rude they will give us negative remarks online and it will hurt our lead intake.

Does the Live Leads Program has a cost to participate?

  • These leads are free for our members that meet the requirements.
  • Agents get $15 PMPM for these leads (You will still get the street commission rates for all your personal clients)

What enrollment platform should be used for client applications?

BenefitAlign is the ONLY enrollment platform as of now to use for applications.

Marketing Benefits for Agents

Do I need to be licensed In The State they’re Marketing In?

CORRECT, you need to be licensed AND also appointed with the carrier in that state (lots of agents buy the license but do not do the contracting in the new state– if you get a new state, you should always send us an email to with the license info, even if it is multiple states). For the resident states, you have to take an exam and go through a process. For non-resident states, you just purchase the license.

What are Marketing options for agents?

  • Website (Client Landing Page)
  • Client-based advertisements
  • Agent-based advertisements
  • Local SEO services
  • Email Templates
  • Text Templates
  • Carrier resource material
  • Agency Builder

Agency Builder (Marketing Materials)

  • We have agency builder versions of email templates, text templates, and ad creatives. This guide is to help you recruit agents and place them underneath you to earn higher commissions.

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