How To Sell ACA/Obamacare.
  • 19 Mar 2021
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How To Sell ACA/Obamacare.

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How To Sell ACA/Obamacare?

Free ACA Training & Obamacare Training Packet For Insurance Agents And Brokers

This sales guide goes over all the steps and processes to sell and enroll clients into an ACA plan.

Getting Started

Get Your Health Insurance Training Guide

Grab the BenaVest Health Insurance Training Presentation here, just fill out a quick form and it’s yours! Download Sales Process Flow Training

Finish Your CMS Certification

Make sure you finish your CMS certification to be able to sell these plans. CMS Certification

Before You Start Selling

Make sure you get contracted with ACA carriers before you try to sell any plans. ACA Contracting

Sales Process Flow

Down below is a brief summary of how the Sales Process Flow works. Using this process can take new agents from starting the ACA Training to fully trained ACA Sales Agents.

Download Sales Process Flow Training

Get To Know Your Client

✓ Fill Out Client Intake Form and Gather Household Information
✓ Most Important Info, Example: Zip Code, Ages of Household Members, and Household Income

Process Quote And Go Over Plans

✓ Process A Quote On
✓ View Plans and Prices
✓ Cover Lowest Priced Option, Usually A Free Bronze Plan For Most Clients
✓ Then Cover The 2 Best Silver Options

Ask Client The Following...

✓ Does Your Job Offer Insurance?
✓ Immigration Status
✓ Is Anyone A Full Time Student?
✓ Does Anyone Smoke?

New To ACA Sales?

For the Free Affordable Care Act sales guide use the button below to get started. It provides all the steps needed to get your ACA sales knowledge on the right track.

ACA Training And Tools

Download Sales Process Flow Training

BenaVest Sales Script

All-in-one inclusive health insurance / ACA Insurance Inbound and Outbound scripts are provided in the sales process flow. This script will turn your health insurance business from zero to HERO.

The BenaVest Client Intake Form

This document will streamline your sales process and make room for more sales and less time gathering client information. This form helps you quote and move on to the next sale. When you are finishing selling for the day then you can take all your forms and complete enrollments at the end of your day. Search Engine is the best place for agents and clients to go and search for any questions they have about ACA. As an agent, they have many resources to help you with any difficult situations. Whether it is COBRA, Immigration, Students, and more can answer it.

Download Sales Process Flow Training

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