How To Sell ACA/Obamacare.
  • 31 May 2023
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How To Sell ACA/Obamacare.

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How To Sell ACA/Obamacare?

Free ACA Training & Obamacare Training Packet For Insurance Agents And Brokers

This sales guide goes over all the steps and processes to sell and enroll clients into an ACA plan.

Getting Started

Get Your Health Insurance Training Guide

Get the BenaVest Health Insurance Training Presentation by simply completing a brief form, and it will be available for you! Download Sales Process Flow

Finish Your CMS Certification

To ensure that you are eligible to sell these plans, it is imperative that you complete your CMS certification successfully. By obtaining this certification, you will gain the necessary qualifications and authorization to engage in the sale of these plans. Don't miss out on this crucial step towards expanding your capabilities and maximizing your potential as a salesperson in the field of health insurance. CMS Certification

Before You Start Selling

By obtaining contracts with ACA carriers, you not only gain official authorization but also access to a wide range of comprehensive coverage options. This step is crucial as it enables you to offer plans provided by reputable carriers under the guidelines set forth by the Affordable Care Act. By proactively completing the contracting process, you set yourself up for success, providing peace of mind to both yourself and potential clients. ACA Contracting

Sales Process Flow

Below, you will find a concise overview of the Sales Process Flow, which serves as a roadmap for new agents to progress from the initial ACA Training to becoming fully trained ACA Sales Agents. By following this systematic process, agents can effectively navigate their journey and achieve proficiency in selling ACA plans. Embracing this structured approach empowers agents to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience. Download Sales Process Flow Training

Get To Know Your Client

Here are two crucial steps to kickstart your client intake process and gather essential household information:
✓ Fill Out Client Intake Form and Gather Household Information
✓ Most Important Info, Example: Zip Code, Ages of Household Members, and Household Income

Process Quote And Go Over Plans

Enhanced steps for processing quotes and reviewing plans:
✓ Process A Quote On
✓ View Plans and Prices
✓ Cover Lowest Priced Option, Usually A Free Bronze Plan For Most Clients
✓ Then Cover The 2 Best Silver Options

Here are some questions you can ask the Client:

✓ Does Your Job Offer Insurance?
✓ Immigration Status
✓ Is Anyone A Full Time Student?
✓ Does Anyone Smoke?

New To ACA Sales?

To access the comprehensive Free Affordable Care Act sales guide, simply click the button below to kickstart your journey. This invaluable resource will equip you with the essential steps required to set your ACA sales knowledge on the right track. With this guide in hand, you will gain a clear understanding of the necessary actions to take, empowering you to navigate the world of ACA sales with confidence and expertise. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your ACA sales knowledge and propel yourself towards success.

ACA Training And Tools

Download Sales Process Flow Training

BenaVest Sales Script

Unlock the power of all-inclusive health insurance and ACA insurance with our meticulously crafted inbound and outbound scripts, thoughtfully integrated into the sales process flow. These scripts are designed to propel your health insurance business from a standing start to the pinnacle of success. By leveraging these comprehensive scripts, you can confidently engage with clients, effectively communicate the value of health insurance, and forge strong connections that lead to conversions.

The BenaVest Client Intake Form

This document aims to optimize your sales process, allowing for increased sales and reduced time spent on gathering client information. By utilizing this form, you can swiftly generate quotes and seamlessly transition to the next sale. Moreover, at the end of your selling day, you can conveniently consolidate all your forms and efficiently complete enrollments. This document serves as a valuable tool that streamlines your sales operations, maximizing productivity and enabling you to focus on driving sales while efficiently managing administrative tasks. Search Engine serves as the optimal platform for both agents and clients to access comprehensive information and address any inquiries regarding the ACA. As an agent, you can benefit from a wide range of resources available to assist you in navigating challenging situations. Whether you encounter complexities related to COBRA, immigration matters, students' coverage, or other healthcare-related inquiries, serves as a reliable source to find the answers you seek. By leveraging the wealth of information provided on, agents and clients can gain clarity and make informed decisions regarding ACA-related matters.Download Sales Process Flow Training

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