How To Sell Medicare/Medicare Advantage.
  • 19 Mar 2021
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How To Sell Medicare/Medicare Advantage.

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How To Sell Medicare/Medicare Advantage?

General Medicare Training & Medicare Advantage Training For Agent And Brokers

This sales guide goes over all the steps and processes to sell and enroll clients into Medicare & Medicare Advantage plans.

Getting Started

Get Your Medicare Training Guide

Grab the BenaVest Medicare Training Presentation here, just fill out a quick form and it’s yours! Download Sales Process Flow Training

Before You Start Selling Complete Your AHIP Training…

AHIP training is the first step before you can start selling Medicare Advantage Plans. The AHIP Medicare training covers the basics of eligibility and benefits, along with the different types of Medicare Advantage and Part D prescription drug plans.
AHIP Training

Complete Carrier Specific Certifications

Each Medicare Advantage Carrier requires agents to complete their annual certification. Some carriers have all online certifications, while others require a face-to-face certification.

Complete Carrier Specific Contracting…

To request Medicare Advantage Carrier Contracting, please complete the form below.
Contracting Request

Sales Process Flow

Down below is a brief summary of how the Sales Process Flow works. Using this process can take new agents from starting the Medicare Advantage Training to fully trained Medicare Advantage Sales Agents.

Download Sales Process Flow Training

Filling Out The SCOPE

With the free downloadable forms we provide to any agent, help your clients fill out the SOA to start the process off right. The SCOPE of appointment form is mandatory for any client, without submission they cannot talk to an agent.

Q's & A's

There are many questions that should be answered before finishing the Medicare Advantage sales process. Although this is a simple step, many of the questions are mandated, making this an important step in the sales process flow.

Face To Face

Set an appointment to go over your clients summary of benefits and the prescription drug formulary. Advise the client where and how he or she can find information regarding provider network.

Valuable Medicare Advantage Insurance Tools

Valuable tools discussed throughout the Sales Process Flow below including our free medicare quoting tool for agents.

SSI Fact Sheet

FA For Medicare Fact Sheet

Verification Of Employment

Medicare Buy-In Application

Financial Information Release

Appointment Of Designated Rep

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